A Collection of Works

On the Road to Black Jack, Oil on Panel, 18" X 24" Mr. and Mrs. Sean O'Brien Collection

On the Way to Get Amish Shoes, Oil on Panel, 38" X 48" State Fair Community College Collection.

Orange Mud, Acrylic on Panel, 38 X 48"

Vera Cruz Mexico, Oil on Panel, 30" X 48" This park has special significance for my brother and I. We went to Mexico with hopes of climbing Mexico's highest mountain, Pico De Orizaba. We had one week's worth of food and climbing gear in our packs, and one weeks worth of money in our pockets. When we got to Orizaba, a small town at the base of the mountain, we discovered our packs and gear were not on the bus. We spent three days in Orizaba waiting for our packs. The clerk in the bus station in Orizaba got tired of seeing us, and gave us free bus tickets back to Vera Cruz. We got there on a Friday night only to discover all of the hotels we could afford were full. a friendly cab driver took us to every house of ill repute in Vera Cruz, thinking that was what we were after. We ended up sleeping in this park for three days and nights, until a room opened up next to the bus station. This woman leading her child through the park caught my eye. This is an unfinished work.

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