Thornton Mill Creek

In 1968, I lived on Thornton Mill Creek in Clay County Missouri. I would see this view every morning when I would look out of our living room window. I was in Junior High School at the time. I had determined at that time to paint it. I never did. Not until recently that is. It is finally finished after 41 years.

My brother and I would wade Thornton Mill Creek. We would wander the old Thornton homestead, (now owned by the Ford Motor Company). The ruins of the Thornton house were a favorite stop while wandering the woods on the estate. Charles Lindberg stayed at the Thornton home when he visited Kansas City on his tour of the U.S., just after his historic transatlantic flight. Mr. Thornton was an executive of the flegling trans World Airlines. This painting was on display at a local history celebration in the area. Oil on Panel, 20" X 30" Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Middleton Collection.