Blue House With Russet Cow at Evening

This came to me as I was lying in bed, deciding whether to get up, or lounge awhile. I saw clearly what colors to put in this to make it a good painting. I have been going to paint this for some time, but kind of put it on hold. I had taken a photo of this to use as a reference. You may say, especially you pleine aire guys, you use photos! Yes I do. I have done the sketching thing, the pleine aire thing, the memory thing. (I still use the memory thing) I like to use the toilet when ever I need to, grab a snack, or a soft drink. Bask in the air conditioning.

I have discovered that I like comfort and convenience. I don't like heat, bugs, fighting with light, (trying to find shade) the whole 9 yards. I take a photo of it. I enhance the things I liked about it. The finished work rarely looks like the photo anyway. I see color intensely. I paint color intensely. There are exceptions of course.

I use a free program called Artrage 2.0 to do sketches. I then paint from my sketch in Artrage. I don't always use Artrage. You may be saying to yourself, what I heard a guy say in an art gallery once, he was looking at an abstract painting, while standing next to me. He said; "I could have done that!" My reply was, "Yes, but you didn't". I think I'll put a deeper orange in the sky on the left, maybe make the lighter green around the house a little more on the orange side to compliment the blue.................