Collected Works

The Milky Way, Acrylic on Panel, 38" X 48" First Version. This painting was inspired by an adventure I took when I was 16 years old. I ran away from home in Kansas City and went to the Lake of the Ozarks. I found a small cave in a bluff adjoining the lake and made it my home. I got a job at a local sawmill. I would ride the school bus to work. The local elementary school was just down the road from the sawmill. Getting off at the elementary school made me look kind of "slow"but it was a ride to work. The mill workers would drop me off at a house near my cave.I remember my first night sleeping under the stars, and marveling at their beauty, it was difficult seeing stars in the lights of the city. This painting belongs to Mrs Angel Mallen, and is above her mantle piece.

The Final Version of Milky Way.
Monegaw Bluff in Winter. Acrylic on Panel, 38" X 48"  Monegaw Bluff is one of the favorite hideouts for the Younger, and James outlaw gangs of late 19th century Missouri. The Younger family lived near the bluff just outside of nearby Roscoe Missouri. The famous shootout between the Youngers, a St. Clair County Sheriff''s Deputy, and a Pinkerton agent, took place just north of Roscoe.

Monegaw Bluff Just After a Storm., Acrylic on Panel, 38" X 48" Mr. and Mrs. Sean O'Brien Collection.
Rachel and Abby at the Low Water Bridge, Acrylic on Panel, 38" X 48" Collection of Dr. Gary Carter

Dry Creek in Summer, Acrylic on Panel, 38" X 48"

Log With Snow Over a Pool, Acrylic on Panel, 38" X 48"

Memory of the House With the Rock Wall, Oil on Panel, 18' X 24" Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Schiller When you are an artist, especially one who grew up poor, you work a variety of jobs to support yourself and your art. This memory comes from a truck driving job I had that would take me to Topeka Kansas and Manhattan Kansas. I would se this house on the north side of  Interstate-70 and say to myself I have to paint this.

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