A Collection of Works.

Black Trees Near Deepwater Missouri, Acrylic on Panel, 38" X 48" St.Clair County Library Collection.

Camping on the Missouri River, Acrylic on Panel 32" X 48" Private Collection. When i was a boy my father would take us down to the Missouri River with his friends to shoot old muskets from the American Civil War. We would make a day and night of it with lots of food and drinks. We liked to get the attention of the river boat captains as they made their way up the river. We would give them the pump sign a signal that they were to blow their horns. they would usually swing their search light around and spot on us.

My Childhood Play Place. oil on Panel, 18" X 24" Mr. and Mrs.Sean O'Brien Collection.

Hope and Nathan at the Bloch Museum, Acrylic on Panel, 30" X 40"

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