Neah Bay in the Rain, Washington State

My wife and I were driving to Neah Bay on our honeymoon in Washington State. I need not tell you it rains a lot in Washington State. The colors are subtle but I like compositions like this occasionally.
Acrylic on Panel, 16" X 24"


  1. John, your skill at capturing the essence of natural elements such as a rough seashore with cold water lapping the shore, or the nuances of a changing skyscape, or the complementary shades of a tree-covered hillside is beyond my layman's comprehension. Then I note how your paintings seem to be from memory and I applaud you again.

  2. Hy John, and thanks for your answer.
    Wy did you depressed about your paint ? You should not. I do not realise illustrations for books, but it's a dream for me. I don't know where my art will take me, we will see.
    Do you make expositions sometimes ?