Ruby Beach, Washington State, a Work in Progress

Finally I found time to finish this. This is Ruby Beach, in my estimation one of the most scenic beaches in Washington State. my wife and I visited here on our Honeymoon
This is my so called studio. A retired out building/cattle barn. It serves as my summer studio. I deal with Mud Dauber Wasps in the daytime and moths and mosquitos attracted to my light at night. Fishing rods, gas and oil cans, and other assorted junk surround me as I work. I have an artist friend whose husband worked for Aramco Oil Company, her studio could be called a guest house. It has a kitchen, shower, the whole 9 yards. If only I could be discovered by a rich patron. Heh,heh,heh. Ahh, the romantic life of the artiste!


  1. Painted on Ruby beach a few times....Love the view you captured!

  2. Thanks Robin, would love to go back. It won't happen in this economy I'm afraid. Would love to see your painting of Ruby Beach.