Weston Bend, ( Now Weston bend State Park )

Weston Bend or the "Grand Rialto" as the old riverboat pilots used to call it, has been a favorite haunt of mine since about 1975. My friends and I would go out there for camp outs, and hiking, way before it was a state park. I remember going there in a blizzard with some friends once. We started a campfire using business cards in our wallets as tinder. The river boats come in close to shore on the bend at Grand Rialto. They are so close to shore you could throw a rock, and hit them. This is an old road used by fishermen to access the Missouri River. I recently visited a longtime friend in Kansas City who has this painting hanging in his house, he has had it for 20 years. It was also a favorite of John Mc Gee, great grandson to the Kansas City pioneer James Mc Gee, of whom Mc Gee street in Kansas City Missouri is named. I think I need to get back to oils, they are richer and easier to handle.
Oil on Panel, 20" X 30" Mr. and Mrs. Richard Petsch Collection.

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